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TV serie . Character designer . Passion Pictures/Disney

At the very start I was supposed to work only few days on the serie in autumn 2017, but I finally worked almost 1 year and a half on the project. It was kind of a nice surprise. I worked as a remote artist  but I met the team in London from time to time. The show directed by Miklos Weigert was a lot of fun. I had the responsability to design the humans who will appear in the different episods. My job was really complete on this production as my mission was to design the characters and built the relevant graphic bible that will be used by the whole team. I did a lot of concept, turnarounds, model sheets, and mouth charts.  As the action takes place in London, I have to say it was really nice and fun, as we all know London people are a bit eccentric! I appreciated the freedom Miklos gave me for designing those characters. I also did a lot of posings for each episods with the characters I designed to help the animation team. I created some "painted" material that appear in some episods too.  The show is currently broadcasted.

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