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Commercial . Character Design . Hornet

Little Lungs in a Great Big World is a stop-motion animated tragicomedy public service announcement series that is part of a campaign for the FDA Center for Tobacco Products by FCB named "The Real Cost." The advertisements were directed by British animator Peter Sluszka and produced by New York City studio Hornet. The commercials follow a set of anthropomorphic young lungs named Little Lungs that "smoked as a teen and never grew to normal size."Little Lungs tries to enjoy leisure activities with his friends but always ends up facing horrific consequences in his attempts to do so. FCB's approach towards animated entertainment for PSAs was a deviation from most anti-smoking advertisements that they felt were "overplayed warnings" most teenagers ignored.

This was probably my first collaboration with Hornet. When Peter told me I had to design lungs I was a bit sceptical at the first place, but it happened to be a great challenge for an awesome campaign, and I'm really  happy with the result!

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